A Dog, a jeep and Mumbai in the background: Rajini’s first look in ‘Kaala’ is super mass!

Wearing a brown veshti and a black kurta and black goggles, Rajinikanth appears in a look strongly reminiscent of Kabali.

But the jeep bearing a Maharashtra license plate and the fish eye panorama of Mumbai stretching behind him in all its chaotic glory, suggests interesting new possibilities in his upcoming collaboration with director Pa.Ranjith, Kaala. Interestingly there is also a mongrel dog sitting behind Rajinikanth.


The intriguing first look poster for the eagerly awaited sequel to Kabali was released by director Ranjith on Twitter at 6pm on Thursday evening.

Ranjith put out an alternative teaser alongside the first-look poster. This second poster features a grungy close-up on Rajini’s face, with the effect of a sandstorm swirling around him. This second poster shows a very different Rajini from the first, with a bleeding but enraged superstar radiating power.


Ranjith tweeted both posters on Thursday evening with a single word comment – “Kaala”.

As expected the intriguing posters have got fans excited and gushing over the upcoming project. More than one fan commented on the thrilling mass look of the poster.

Interestingly, with the undertones of caste politics present in Kabali, one FB user pointed out that the license plate is numbered MH 01 BR 1956, and wondered if the poster was making a reference to BR Ambedkar and the year of his death.

Earlier in the day, actor and producer Dhanush had announced the title of the film, Kaala, with the subtitle “Karikaalan” making an intriguing reference to the Chola king of the Sangam period.

Although most details of the film have been kept under wraps, what we do know so far is that the film will tell the tale of Kaala, a Tamil underworld don in Mumbai.

Courtesy: Thenewsminute.com

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