‘Embiran’: A romantic thriller with suspense elements on the make

It’s evident that filmmaker Magizh Thirumeni brought forth a new-age ‘Thriller’ and ‘Suspense-Mystery’ genre through his innovative storytelling. Of course, his debut film ‘Mundhinam Parthene’ was a feel-good Romantic drama, which found its appreciation in decent style. Now his protégé Krishna Pandi is all set to strike with a blend of all these genres through his directorial debut ‘Embiran’, a romantic thriller laced with suspense.

“In fact, this was the first thing I instantly got attracted not as a producer, but an audience. Romance and Thriller are the genres that someone instantly gets connected with.  While ‘Love’ happens to be an integral part of life, ‘Thriller’ is something that commutes to world of excitements. Especially when these ingredients get amalgamated with ‘Suspense’, it intensifies the experience of either reading a novel of watching a movie. Filmmaker Krishna Pandi has been embedded with so much of talent that he floored us with his narration,” says producer P. Pancha Varnam.

Embiran features Rejith Menon, Radhika Preethi, B. Chandra Mouli, Kalyani Natrajan, Kishore Dev, Valliyappan and few more prominent actors in lead roles.

The technical crew comprises of Prasan Bala (Music), M. Pugazhenthi (Cinematography), D.Monoj (Editor), Maayavan (Art), Deena-Vijay Satish (Choreography), Don Ashok (Stunt), Kabilan Vairamuthu (Lyrics) and Jai (Costumes).

Embiran is produced by P. Panchavarnam and V. Sumalatha under the banner Panchavarnam Films.