Mumbai Crime: Woman’s attacker caught, and it’s the woman herself!

An attack on a woman in Mumbai on Thursday night, which had left everyone shocked, has turned out to have been planned by the victim herself with her boyfriend. Priyanka Hetpure (28) had claimed to have been attacked by an unknown guy, who had “tried to stab her when she was waiting for her boyfriend”.

The police got suspicious about the couple during investigation; on being questioned repeatedly, the two confessed to having planned it.

Nair hospital in Mumbai Central had contacted the Tardeo police around 8.30 pm yesterday, saying that a woman having a cut on the left side of her neck has been brought in for admission by her boyfriend.

Officers reached the hospital. Hetpure told them that she was attacked outside Gate No. 1 of Mahalaxmi Racecourse. Her boyfriend said he found her under the tree bleeding and crying for help.

“A team was sent to the spot and an inquiry was initiated; our officer started taking down the couple’s statement. We found some gaps in their claims,” said one officer.

“She wasn’t able to narrate the incident properly. When we asked her to describe the attacker, she said she didn’t remember anything. Then we questioned the boyfriend, who cracked and confessed.”

Hetpure, a divorcee and mother of a five-year-old, has been dating the 22-year-old for a while. The boy’s parents are against their relationship.

“The two had decided to get married in court. But the boy had told her to wait for a few more days as his parents were not ready, which had irked her. She then told him that they could pressure them by staging an attack to gain sympathy and to show how much they are in love with each other,” said the officer.


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