Vizhithiru Movie Official Trailer – Video 

The expectation level of the Audience for Meera Kathiravan’s next flick ‘VIZHITHIRU’ is gradually increasing day by day, because of the Multi-Star cast and the strong content that is backed up with a clean U certificate.

Produced by Meera Kathiravan jointly with his friends under the banner ‘Haya Mariyam Film House’ and Directed by himself, the film ‘VIZHITHIRU’ has Krishna – Vidharth – Venkat Prabhu in the lead.

“Stay awake is the perfect content that suits perfectly for the current scenario, and this is what I hear from industry people who have watched our ‘VIZHITHIRU’ recently. I feel extremely delighted to receive such positive comments from some of the seniors in Tamil film industry. I am quite sure that our film ‘VIZHITHIRU’ will plant the concept of ‘Stay Awake’ in the hearts of Youngsters, and the first seed for that plantation will be our trailer.” says Director Meera Kathiravan confidently.

VIZHITHIRU Official Trailer:


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