TTV Dinakaran’s victory: Idiots can cry foul

An independent candidate gets hardly two weeks to make his/her symbol familiarized in the middle of voters whereas established parties comfortably campaign with an election symbol.

TTV Dinakaran is not really the usual independent candidate we see in the polls. He has a massive faction in ADMK supporting him and the entire state machinery working against his advances with help from central government.

We assume that people vote like how we do google search (not go beyond the first page or first EVM machine) but it’s interesting to see that people have taken the effort to find his election symbol spread in the middle of multiple voting machines and still punch their votes and award him a massive win.

After TTV’s win, I see a lot of pseudos abusing and trolling RK Nagar electorate. Jokers. When was the last time you saw the public make effort to make someone contesting on a symbol that they knew only for 2 weeks? And ultimately make them a winner?

RK Nagar results have given us the confidence that this lame useless government can be shut soon irrespective of the money, muscle and material flooded in by anyone. People have taken money which is pitiable but they have voted as per their own wish. The result is evident for everyone to see.

The Modi’s remote controlled proxy and shameful government in Tamilnadu that cannot do anything significant ever, has to be rooted out.

Think of it as a positive sign. Idiots can cry foul. In electoral politics, there is no fair play award. It’s been the case for many decades in Tamilnadu. Why suddenly shed crocodile tears now?

There was once a Thirumangalam Formula. Now here is a new RK Nagar formula.

Is there anything proud in the manner in which TTV won? No.
Is there anything to observe and learn in the tactful manner in which TTV won as an “independent”? Yes.

Never blame the majority electorate. Only morons that wish to remain clueless for life about electorate politics do that. Sorry, if that wasn’t humble! Get a life!

ஆர்.கே.நகர் வாக்காளர்களுக்கு கோடான கோடி நன்றி மற்றும் வாழ்த்துகள்.



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