Social Media Activists campaigning for Neduvaasal stir upset over Suchileaks

Social Media activists, especially those are campaigning for the Neduvaasal stir ,are upset that the entire social media is on the Suchileaks posts.

Neduvaasal activists on twitter say that twitterati is searching for SuchiLeaks. They have no time for tweets on Neduvaasal. A tweet ridiculed the SuchiLeaks followers – One bit every two hours and five hours later it is deleted, Bit is a term used for a porn clipping that is inserted into a censor certified soft porn film shown in the theatre.

A tweet said -They are trying to divert us from #SaveNeduvaasal protest friends by #SuchiLeaks . Don’t get diverted. Prove them we are not diverted. Please.

Another tweet- They r juz reel heros, real heros r our Farmers who tire hard 2 give us priceless food. So we will #SaveNeduvaasal not #SuchiLeaks.




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