Samantha wants to give back to society

The actress has always helped the needy, but she has more wide-ranging plans for the future Samantha’s film career shows no signs of flagging, nor does it have reason to: she is currently working in six films, including Theri with Vijay, 24 with Suriya in Tamil and Brahmotsavam with Mahesh Babu in Telugu. But the accomplished actress has already made plans for a time when the film offers dry up. “I want to be a full-time social activist and help people,” she said.

This is something she has been involved in even as a busy actress – she regularly helps the needy through the trust she has founded. But taking up social work in a more incremental way will involve quite a large chunk of time and commitment. Speaking of her career so far, Samantha says, “It was the grace of God that helped me – because in the midst of so many excellent heroines and talented people, I was given a chance to be a lead actress. I love my job more than anything else; there is no end to my love for cinema. It’s my life. And the happiness I derive from it is immensely satisfying.”

She points out that people do ask her how she manages to be both an actress and social worker. “I can only say that when I didn’t have work I would feel bad. It would hit me hard. But now, when I don’t have work, I am quite happy to  fulfil my social responsibilities. I have two jobs at the same time,” she says. She says that her social conscience has arisen out of her own need to give thanks. “The Almighty has given me everything I wanted: talent, money, fame, everything. I want to become a full time social activist once I am away from the cinema industry for thanking him,” she concludes.

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