Veena Maestro Rajesh Vaidhya Honoured By Asia Book Of Records

Veena Maestro Kalaimamani Rajhesh Vaidhya enters Asia Books of Records with 60 Song Snippets in an Hour.

Veena Meastro Kalaimamani Rajhesh Vaidhya, along with his band, has set a record of playing 60 songs snippets on a veena in 60 minutes flat.  This concert took place at Hotel Savera, Chennai today (30 June 2019)

Asia Book of Records is a platform where the record holders of all major National ‘Book of Records’ including India Book of Records, Vietnam Book of Records, Indo-China Book of Records, Laos Book of Records, and Nepal Book of Records, meet to compare, compete and claim the title of ‘Asia Book of Records’ Holder. Today, Asia Book of Records is having a strong database of 40,000 entries.  It is to be noted that Asia Book of Records is a registered organization in India, which follows International Protocol of Records’.

The ‘Title of the Record’ won by Kalaimamani Rajhesh Vaidhya is ‘Maximum song snippets played on a veena in an hour’.

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