I am anti-Modi, not anti-India, says Kanhaiya Kumar

Former president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) and leader of the All India Students Federation Kanhaiya Kumar said he does not hesitate to call himself a member of the “anti-Modi camp”.

Kanhaiya, who shot to limelight after he allegedly raised ‘anti-India’ slogans at the JNU campus on February 9 this year, was invited to Ludhiana on Sunday by Punjabi Sahit Academy and Social Thinkers Forum for a seminar on “Challenges of Education: Increasing cost—Reducing Jobs” at Punjabi Bhawan.

On the issue of being called “anti-India” by some political leaders, Kanhaiya said: “Some people call me anti-India. Modi is not India but for some he is. For me India is 125 crore people of the country but yes but I am a member of anti-Modi camp and I say this without any hesitation,” said Kanhaiya.

The student leader also attacked the RSS and the BJP saying that both of them were trying to “communalise” the secular environment of the country.

“It is the state policy of the BJP and the RSS that they would not allow harmony between Hindus and Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. It is their mindset that secular people have to defeat,” he said.

The youth leader also criticised the price rise of essential commodities and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was helping the trading community so that they could earn profit by charging more on these commodities. “Private businessmen buy pulses from farmers at a low price and sell it to the government on triple rate,” he claimed.

Courtesy: hindustantimes.com

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