Diwali For whom – By Whom – Against Whom?

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The Whole country is waiting to celebrate Diwali. In India Diwali is celebrated in most of the states and it has two different stories behind it. In north India, it is being celebrated as the day in which Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya and coronated himself as king after killing Ravana. In south India, It is the day when Krishna and his wife Satyabhama killed Narakasura, A Dravidian King.

Even as this festival is being celebrated as the festival of Hindus, both the stories behind the celebration of Diwali speak about the Aryan – Dravidian war, which is the war between the races in ancient India. All the Epics, Vedas speak about the Aryan – Dravidian War and they were written by the Aryans, to bat for the Aryans. Both the stories behind the celebration of Diwali are unethical and they are one of the world’s topmost racially discriminating stories.

In Ramayana, the Aryan king Ram with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman, were staying in the forest. Soorpanaka, the sister of Dravidian king Ravana came to the forest and fell in love with Lakshman and she had proposed to him. But the racist Lakshman rejects her proposal as she belongs to Asura race (Sudra). As an expression of his racial hatred, he cut her nose and one breast for proposing him, her love. Her brother Ravana came to fight for this, and took Sita to his place. This is a Tit for Tat action, where the first move is made by Lakshman. We don’t want to go more in depth considering the size of the pamphlet. After winning the war, Rama went to Ayothya and coronated himself as king. Ravana’s action of abducting Sita must be seen as an answer to the mutilating of the beautiful body of Soorpanaka, his own sister, by Lakshman at the instance of Rama himself. To be noted down is, Ravana did not physically assault Sita at all. Then why demonise Ravana alone? If you demonise Ravana for abducting Sita, then why not demonise Rama and Lakshman for their criminal actiions against Sampooka and Soorpanaka? How can we celebrate such a male chauvinist Rama’s coronation festival?

In the story of Narakasura, the complete story itself is unbelievable and against science. The story starts with the demon Iranyaksha (Asura King), who folded the earth like a ‘mat’!, ‘ran into the ocean’! and hid himself there. So Devas went to Mahavishnu and complained about Iranyaksha. Mahavishnu took the incarnation as boar and went to rescue the earth from Iranyaksha. Then he killed him and took the earth from him. While taking her back, he had an intercourse with Bumadevi (Earth). Then as usual he says bye and go about his main business. In that way a child was born to Bumadevi called Narakasura. He grew up and gave a lot of trouble to Devas. Again the Devas went to Lord Mahavishnu to protect them and to kill Narakasura. So he came in the incarnation of Krishna and killed Narakasura. Here the complete story seems to be very funny like a modern day Harry potter story series, full of magic and against science. We all know that earth cannot be rolled like a “mat” and cannot be taken into the ocean which is part of the earth. And if we start explaining every funny part of this story, then we need to write a separate book.

We are not here to debate who is good or who is bad, which we can have in a separate session. But the thing to be learnt from these stories is the Aryan – Dravidian War which was moulded in to this kind of stories to promote Aryan supremacy theory.

Till date, Mahisasur, an Asura is owned and venerated by Santhals (the tribal community in central India). A sect of Tribals from Jarkhand celebrate Ravana as their Lord. If questioning the moral behind celebration of Diwali, hurts the sentiments of Hindus, then why not will it hurt the Hindu (constitution defines Tribals also as Hindus) sentiment if effigy of Ravana and Mahisasura are burnt in Durga puja ? If you celebrate Durga puja, it will hurt the santhals. If you celebrate Diwali, it will hurt Jarkhand tribals. Will it not ?

The Aryans – who came from central Asia, entered the land area which is now called as India through Kybar, Bolan passes and occupied the land. They defeated the sons of the soil, the Dravidians and Tribal communities through conspiracies and became rulers. They have depicted Dravidians and Tribals as the worst and most uncivilized creatures, as demons and as monkeys in their epics and Vedas. These Epics and Vedas are now made sacred and they were said to be the common heritage for the so called ‘Hindus’ who include both Aryans and Dravidians. Only through these Epics and Vedas, they make Varnasrama sacred, which we call it as the Brahmanism.

APSC appeals you to ignore the Diwali festival, which is celebrated to show Aryan victory over the sons of soil. As a son of the soil, it is our duty to resist Aryan invasion into our cultural life, celebration of victory of Aryans over the sons of soil, imposition of Sanskrit over all Indian languages. Let us unite together and fight Brahmanism in every format which poisons the humanity through religious sentiments, culture, language and education.

Jai Sampooka, Jai Soorpanaka, Jai Ravana!
Jai Mahisasura, Jai Narakasura, Jai Mahabali!

Unite and Fight against the Brahmanism!
We are the sons of soil!
Get rid of the central Asian Aryan culture!

Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle

(An independent student body recognized by IITMadras)

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