Director S.P.Hosimin’s RINGAAPP

Currently celebrities from Hollywood to Kollywood are achieving in other fields apart from cinema. They own restaurants, cricket & football teams, online business and many others. Shah Rukh Khan, Arya, Jiiva, Anirudh are the stalwarts in it.

Similarly Director S. P. Hosimin , Former Assistant Director of Director Mr. Shankar, had directed ‘February 14’ casting Bharath, Renuka Menon and ‘Aayiram Vilaku’ casting Satyaraj, Shanthanu and Sana Khan. While the preparation for his next film is going on due to his interest in technology has founded and running an internet company Ringa Technologies.

Recently he has introduced an instant service booking app named RingaApp with the blessings of Oscar winner A. R. Rahman and Actor Sathyaraj who have the unique quality of motivating everyone’s efforts. Their blessings and appreciation has been a great motivation to the 50+ technical youth team behind this venture.

“We all have service requirements and we keep looking and asking around for efficient people who can provide us with quality service, but most of the time we do not get service people in the right time. RingaApp is here to provide you service technicians near you at any time you want.

Do you have a water leakage? Need a plumber? Do you need to service your AC? Need an AC Mechanic? Do you have an issue with your computer? Need a computer service technician? or you need a web designer / Interior Decorator / Charted Accountant?… For these never ending service requirements you can book service technicians using RingaApp near your locality and based on the ratings too. The app has facility to track the location of the technician using GPS.”

To download the app in IOS and Android click the below links



For Further Details, Contact Director Hosimin : 76679 70439



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