Chennai Rainbow Film Festival 2016: Call for film submission

Press release from Vikranth, Chennai Rainbow Film Festival Coordinator:-

Chennai Dost is a community based group for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals (LGB) in South India. Our main objective is to create a safe, non-sexual, all inclusive, healthy social space and to provide a platform to dialogue about sexual identities, gender, lifestyles and rights.

As a community initiative, Chennai Dost is organizing an LGBT Film Festival since 2012 and invites submissions to screen LGBT themed short-films, documentaries and feature-length films for our upcoming 4th year Chennai Rainbow Film Festival, 2016. Your entries will be reviewed by a panel and you will be notified about your selection accordingly. On the final day of the Film Festival, the panel would announce the winners under each category,

Calling for all the directors and artists to submit your short films, feature length, documentaries and photographs based on LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL & TRANSGENDER theme…

Submit your entries on or before 30th September 2016 for International films

Submit your entries on or before 15th October 2016 for Indian and Tamil films.

Win cash prize worth INR 1,00,000, rewards and certificates.

Award categories are

Best International LGBT Short Film (Cash prize and Award)

  1. Best International LGBT Documentary & feature length film (Cash prize and Award)
  2. Best Indian/National LGBT film (
  3. Best Indian/National LGBT film based on the CRFF 2016 theme (Winner will get a free trip to Dubai + Rs. 10,000 cash prize)
  4. Best Tamil LGBT film
  5. Best Tamil Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual film (Winner will get a free trip to Dubai  + Rs. 10,000 cash prize).

Submit Entry at

Or mail to

Contact for details- 9003043442 (Available on WhatsApp and Phone call).



Festival coordinator

Mobile: 9003043442

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