Angry Gangai Amaran lashes out at Sasikala, says ‘victims’ like him have to fight her

It’s the season for speaking against Sasikala, and when O Panneerselvam is leading the charge, why would others stay behind?

Speaking to media in Tirupur on Wednesday, music director Gangai Amaran lashed out at Sasikala and her family for the recent developments in the state, and also praised OPS for his stance. What makes his outburst special however is that he sees himself as a ‘victim’ of the Sasikala family.

The history goes back to 1994, when the music director ‘sold’ his 22-acre farmhouse at Payyanur on Old Mahabalipuram Road to Sasikala, who reportedly told him “Amma likes your farmhouse”.

Here is what Amaran had told the court during the DA case hearing, according to TOI.

“He said Baskaran, son of Sasikala’s sister Vanitha, took him to Poes Garden to meet Jayalalithaa. There he met Sasikalaa, who told him that the chief minister visited the Payyanur land and liked it very much, and that she was very much interested to buy it. Amaran said the house was very useful for music composing and story writing, and that he did not want to sell it. Thereafter, Sudhakaran talked to him daily over phone or came to his house. His family members were not willing to sell the land. At last, they decided to sell it. Sudhakaran and some officers came to his house and got his signature and the signature of his wife on October 1, 1994. They gave two demand drafts for Rs 13.1 lakh, he said.”

Amaran has now taken the opportunity to hit back at them.

“What Pannerselvam has done was something which all of us had already imagined and played out in our minds, we all wanted this to happen,” he said.

Stating that he had personal anger against Sasikala since they had snatched his property, he said, “Imagine, they even forced big people like me and snatched away our property. Sasikala was responsible for all this,” he said.

Stating that both Pannelselvam and Jayalalithaa were innocent, he said that it was now time for ‘victims’ like him to fight back. “I don’t care, come and cut my neck and go. People like me who have been affected have to fight,” he said. He added that Sasikala and her family ruled with fear.

He also dismissed allegations of BJP’s hand behind OPS’s revolt, and said it is fine as long as it was a good thing.


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