A concerned citizen’s view on the handling of the demonetization process 


The Editor,

Hero News Online.

Dear Editor,

I wish to proffer my thoughts on the ill-planned demonetization process taking place in our country.

The demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes; to me, seems to be nothing short of a sadistic publicity stunt. If our honorable Prime Minister Modi is truly intent on eradicating black money, shouldn’t apprehending the hoarders and recovering the money in it’s current value be the priority? If a person is able to amass such kind of wealth illegally once, surely they would be able to do so again, except this time the space required to hoard their ill-gotten wealth is halved with the introduction of the new 2000 rupee notes. People are being deceived into thinking that black money is being recovered by the government, but what’s the point of recovering money which has had it’s value negated?

To add to the heap of artifices put forth by the government, Mr. Jaitley our beloved finance minister claims ignorance of such a large operation taking place right under his very nose. If his claim is indeed true, should such a misinformed and unaware person be responsible for one of the chief sectors of the government?

And to rub salts into the wounds of the common man, the government comes up with more ludicrous plans each day; like increasing and decreasing the exchange rates on a daily basis, inking the fingers of the people, which shows an obvious distrust of the common populace and introducing soiled notes in the rotation.

This ill-planned maneuver by the Indian government may lead to an unprecedented recession as the trade has already been crippled throughout the nation for the past two weeks due to the insufficient cash-flow. It’s contrite that all these hardships faced are because of a travesty to gain popularity among the common populace.

Instead of such an ignorant plan, our Prime Minister could’ve appointed special investigative teams to root out the black money and mete out justice to the hoarders while recovering the hidden money which could have been used for the welfare of the people of the nation.


Jasper Ancrath


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